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Steve Bacic Fan Art

Art made by Steve's fans.

Generally I'm opposed to photo manipulations - except of course to Steve's Travels on the ILSB Club page ;-)

However, photo manips that are clearly manips, such as Angel Steve, are okay.
Lewd manips - even if they are clearly manips, will not be hosted on this page.

So if you have made any fan art relating to Steve Bacic and you want other people to see it, here's a place to show and tell.

Thanks to all of you who let me show your artwork on this website Another Rhade smiley, 1 kb
14 March 2007

Computer art by Dani.
Dani makes her images in Poser, and she has described how.
It's interesting to see how the images' likeness to Rhade improves the more photos Dani has access to ;-)

Like a Candle, 600 x 800,  112 kb
"Like a Candle",
9 October 2004
The Terrible Two, 111 kb
"The Terrible Two",
25 October 2004
portrait, 40 kb
1 November 2004

Pencil drawings by Mariola.
Low-tech works great too!

Drawing, 1045 x 1019, 112 kb
September 2004
Drawing, 800 x 500, 75 kb
October 2004
Drawing, 414 x 550,  kb
November 2004
Drawing, 504 x 756, 68 kb
March 2005

Drawing, 32 kb
September 2006, NEW

Collages by Pat

344 x 400, 26 kb
Guardian Angel Steve, October 2004
 , kb
October 2004
 , kb
October 2004

Collages by DonnaKat

Bobbing for not-apples , 29 kb
Scary Halloween -
bobbing for .....
October 2004
The Rhade mausoleum, 12 kb
Scary Halloween -
Wanna play?
October 2004
Harper Horn O'Plenty, 31 kb
Happy Thanksgiving
October 2004

Fanart by Julie - she works in different media .......

Firefight DVD cover, 44 kb
The Firefight DVD cover
- as it should have been.
By Julie, September 2004
Coffee tumbler insert, 44 kb
South Park Style Bacic Roles Starbucks Coffee Tumbler Insert
- 543 kb large PDF file.
By Julie, 13 March 2005
More tumbler inserts - non-Bacic. HURRY UP and buy the mug - seems like that model is being discontinued!
Coffee tumbler insert 2
The latest version of the tumbler insert
- 680 kb large PDF file.
By Julie, 12 November 2006
Halloween Rhade pumpkin stencil, 351 kb
Halloween Rhade pumpkin stencil, 351 kb - Start CARVIN'!
And yes, someone has succeeded in making a Rhade pumpkin!

Fanart by Lakedaemon

Steve and Pierce, 292 kb
Bacic and Brosnan,
13 March 2005
Bacically Bond, 31 kb
Bacically Bond,
13 March 2005
Tomorow Never Dies, 64 kb
Tomorrow Never Dies,
13 March 2005
Die Another Day, 72 kb
Bacically, Die Another Day,
13 March 2005

Fanart by Ervene

Some Dish - by Ervene, 17 kb
Semi-doodle by Ervene,
April 2005
Close-up - by Ervene, 15 kb
Close-up Semi-doodle by Ervene,
April 2005


Rhade trio, 68 kb
By Txkowgirlz, October 2004
Beast and Wasp, 44 kb
Beast and Wasp By Vagabond, 2004
Birthday collage, 166 kb
Birthday collage
By Linda, 13 March 2005

Bacic Mosaic, 436 kb
Mosaic made up of my thumbnails plus some flower images for the light areas
1,8 MB version for printing on 11 x 17 inches paper, also known as A3.
By Me, 13 March 2005
Rhade drawing by FlashGriffin, 42 kb
Rhade drawing by FlashGriffin,
May 2005

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